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The Sikh holy place for devotion, spirituality and blessings for all the human race - Ontario Khalsa Darbar

Welcome to the Ontario Khalsa Darbar

The Ontario Khalsa Darbar (OKD) is a Sikh Gurdwara Sahib in Mississauga, Ontario. One of the few Sikh Gurdwara Sahibs in Canada, it attracts hundreds of celebrants for major Sikh religious festivals. It is the second largest Gurdwara Sahib in Canada. A Gurdwara Sahib meaning “the doorway to the Guru”; is the Sikh place of worship and may be referred to as a Sikh temple.

Our Aim​

We at Ontario Khalsa Darbar always try to perform such services which are helping for all the human ethnicity.
Logo of Sikh Temple Ontario Khalsa Darbar, Dixie Rd Sikh Gurudwara Mississauga, Brampton ON Canada

Connected to the community

Aim of Ontario Khalsa Darbar, Dixie Rd Gurudwara Mississauga, Brampton ON

Services We Offer

Religious Services Offered by Ontario Khalsa Darbar to the Sikh Sangat in Canada.

News and Media

Educational activities for your child!

Gurmat Punjabi School at Ontario Khalsa Darbar, Mississauga


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